It’s no secret today that most phones are always left on silent, whether on purpose or accidental. Ever tried to call somebody you know is there but they just don’t hear the phone ringing and pick up? It’s frustrating, but also dangerous in an emergency. NeedUNow, available on Google Play and iOS, is the solution to that problem.

The app – which is fully cross-compatible – works by having you build a list of emergency contacts. In case of emergency, or if you must send a time-sensitive message, the app forces an audible notification on the other person’s phone. It doesn’t matter if the device is on silent, asleep or if the app has been force-closed and isn’t running in the background, the phone will still ping. It’ll also share the last known location of the device, if location services are enabled.

There are a huge number of uses for this app. Especially useful for caregivers, babysitters, parents, teenagers and teachers, but also for small businesses. Anybody who could be in a situation where they need to alert somebody immediately would benefit from using this app.

It’s incredibly simple to use and so effective – no surprise that the developers, In-telligent LLC, were named one of the “30 Most Innovative Companies of 2019” by CEO views.

Check out the app today on Google Play and iOS or visit their website