Live football apps allow you to keep an eye on the scores and matches through notifications and alerts and keeps you updated. On downloading the live football app on IOS supported iphones, iPad or iPod, the home page opens directly to the score and matches listed for the current day. This app is created by LAB IT. Live football apps provide scores and stats directly in push notifications.


Ÿ It contains a long list of matches and covers all the countries and leagues over the world. The home page shows goal scores on live matches and time the matches are scheduled. It also shows which matches are postponed. All the matches and leagues are categorized separately.

Ÿ On opening the matches scheduled to take place, you can see stats from the last 5 matches or choose to see stats from last 10 matches. It also displays last 5 win, lose and draw stats of the individual teams.

Ÿ It also shows match facts of under way games and matches like red cards, yellow cards, incidents, change-ups, line ups, etc.

Ÿ It provides the ability to instantly view matches selected in favorites or My Matches category. it can be done by marking the star button or adding matches to your favorites list.

Ÿ The In play category displays live matches scores along with the player’s name who scored goals and the time at which the goal was scored.

Ÿ The stats of the games and matches being held show the winning and losing chances, chances for a draw, Previous stats, Goals per game %, and much more for punters.

Ÿ It supports two languages English and Spanish.

Ÿ A great feature is no pop up windows or ads that sometimes become quite annoying and irritating while using any app. there are no surprises and is easy to use.


Apart from being a great app for live football stats it also has some drawbacks.

Ÿ There is no search bar where you can search matches you want to watch, or to search your teams. A person has to scroll down to watch the scores and stats of teams that are not added to the favorites list. This means that football fans have to select all the teams soon after they download this app to have easy access to them.

Ÿ Another that could have been present was the team and player’s names in the matches being held.

Ÿ It also does not show statistics of the match and the round of the match. Whether it is a qualifying round match or semi-final.

Ÿ It is a bit tricky and hard to understand for new football fans and does not contain any information about the abbreviations and signs being used in the app.

Ÿ There is no settings tab or option where you can change or select options or settings.

It is a great app for football lovers who love to watch and enjoy games from any part of the world. They can easily browse and watch the scores on different matches and different leagues. It is also useful for savvy punters and betters as it displays desired stats, and possible outcomes of the match. It can be modified to make it easier to use like adding a search bar and match info. It is a little difficult to understand for new football fans.

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