Ever wish you could gain speed when you type on the touch screen? There may be many online apps to help you type faster but do they all do the job right? I recently downloaded a new app named Pouces and it relieved me from the headache of taking long hours to type. The app is the best replacement for the traditional keyboard that you have been using so far.

What is the app about? 

Pouces app falls under the ‘Utilities’ category in the App Store. The app helps users to type faster by providing them with a new innovative keyboard. Learning the layout of the characters helps you become more efficient and you can utilize the learning curve in the app to master Pouces. Once you get progress by remembering the positions, you get to type faster than you do with the other keyboards.

Working of Pouces:

The app works by providing the users with 6 square zones with a vowel at the centre of each. When the users need to type a vowel, they have to tap anywhere in the corresponding zone. It doesn’t require the users to look at the input window when they type. With a combination of taps and swipes, the app facilitates a quicker entry to texts and is a new input method for the touchscreen. It allows users to move the numbers in clock position and supports dark mode as well.

Special features of Pouces: 

Pouces gives you the following features like auto-correction, predictive typing, quick access to numbers, supports accented characters, quick input for capital letters and text replacement. The app provides auto-correction and predictive typing for almost 13 different languages namely: Catalan, Danish, Dutch, English (U.S. and UK), Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. The developer doesn’t collect any data from the app and so it is completely safe to use. It helps you see improvement in your typing accuracy and speed in a shorter period. The app occupies very little space of 1.7 MB and it is suitable for all those above 4 years of age. 


Pouces is a paid app that comes for $1.99. 

It is compatible with iOS 12.4 or later versions and with macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip. Users can contact the Pouces team for feedback and queries on contact@pouces.io. Download Pouces today and save yourself from the most tiresome process of typing for longer hours. 

Worth Having App – Download the App