We have so many reasons why we want to be in touch with our loved ones. They expect us to wish them on their birthdays, wedding anniversaries, exams, and so on. When we try to coordinate the schedule with others for different meetings with friends and family or with our business peers, this app would come in handy. Scheduled App helps you schedule things with the help of the calendar and the contacts on your address book.

Given by the seller Scheduled B.V., falling under the ‘Productivity’ category, Scheduled App lets users send messages automatically through SMS / iMessage and Email. The app helps in scheduling a chat reminder for the most important messengers. People will also be able to send gifts or flowers on a certain date by pre-planning and scheduling simple reminders.

Scheduled App assists you in becoming a better business person or a friend by sending pre-written messages to your friends or family members. It auto sends the reminders on time and these reminders can be sent either to individuals or groups. The app supports Messages/SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Slack, GroupMe, Skype, LinkedIn Line, Twitter, Phone, and many more. It is one simple and awesome means to keep a larger crowd informed the easier way. It avoids no-shows and makes people appear on time.

Messages, Add New, Suggestions, and Settings are the different tabs available in the app to help you ease the process of scheduling and sending the best messages with the suggestions and templates available. It gives you suggestions for the next 100 days and lets you to plans things ahead. You can arrange for a birthday or anniversary party, call your kith and kin and proceed.

Scheduled App assists you in connecting with your iOS calendars and helps you schedule messages. Importing the contact’s birthdays, connecting with the iOS-calendars, and auto sending messages for birthdays, appointments, and meetings get easier. It makes you record every event and provides you with the most important suggestions for each week. Users will be able to repeat the messages they need, snooze, skip, archive, or even delete them. This is one clean and simple tool that works without any hassles.

Scheduled App works fine on iOS devices that are compatible with iOS 13.0 or later versions and requires macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip. The app comes with in-app purchases for business, quarterly, and annual plans with different credits you can add according to your preference. Available in more then 30 different languages, the app is completely free to download and is suitable for all those in the family.

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