LEO PRIVACY GUARD is an app developed to safe guard your apps , or contents like SMS, photos from the snooping eyes. Whether its a roommate, may be a overly suspicious companion or a kid whom you want to play the games only, LEO PRIVACY GUARD will do it for you. You can choose between locking with PIN or a password. Other users will not notice anything different with the device until they launch one of locked apps, which shall give you a complete peace of mind that you are looking for. With different modes like home etc. LEO PRIVACY GUARD has many things on offer. It also packs many fun cover for the app along with a speed boost feature that ensures that your phone runs without a hiccup.


LEO PRIVACY GUARD will help you in keeping everything safe and secure from the snooping eyes. This will also ensure that the kids do not send those embarrassing mails to the people at the office, buy an expensive game or your partner getting to know a secret you planned or much worse. Now that’s just one side of the coin. As mentioned LEO PRIVACY GUARD also helps you in keeping your private messages and images safe from snooping eyes as well. Even though the app manager feature is quite handy it seems to be a little unnecessary. After all that’s not what people will be downloading it for. Instead people shall be glad to see the fun cover themes.



SPEED (4/5) – LEO PRIVACY GUARD not only runs incredibly fast but it does not hamper device performance, at all.

THEME (4/5) – LEO PRIVACY GUARD is a good looking app and it many good looking themes that you can you install. Especially the fun locker thing which can lighter the thing a little.

FEATURE (4/5) – Now LEO PRIVACY GUARD here has all the good thing one would want here all perfectly fit into a easy to use app.

OVERALL (4.5/5) – To ensure your privacy and keep the prying people at bay this is your got to app.


The app does not require to be setup as device administrator. Also it does not alter your device setting. The fun themes are definitely worth trying. The app quickly locks the app once your device sleeps keeping it nice and simple. Features SMS message as well as image lock along with only app lock.


There are none. A pretty complete package. However some may thing the app manager is overly done.

Hands down, this is a great app, with alot of things on offer. Someone who wants to keep some apps away from kids or their partners the app does its job well. It’s not exactly exquisite how it does that, but setting it up is quite easy for the user. This is a app to lock away the content in your phone from others, it does not safe guard you from threats on web. If that’s what you are looking for then LEO PRIVACY GUARD is what you should pick.

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