Yoga is the best way to provide relaxation for the whole body, and when it is available as a special app for your Samsung phone, it can’t get better. Yoga techniques provide relaxation to the mind and rejuvenate the tired spirit. In the current fast moving life, everybody wants to do everyday tasks in a manner which is very easy, without undergoing any type of difficulty in accessing it.

Yoga Free is an app that has been developed and launched by ARAWELLA Corporation. The app is a very convenient and easy way to learn Yoga and have fun at the same time. Yoga Free brings to you a list of more than 200 poses, starting from the basics and moving up to more advanced asanas. With the app, you can easily access whichever pose you want by just clicking the pose button on the screen.  People will surely enjoy doing Yoga with this app because using this you can perform Yoga wherever you like and also at your own pace and convenience.


When you open the app initially, Yoga Free will present to you a number of options that you can browse and choose from. You can look at the various poses which are available in the app, and you will be able to access them directly. You can also access them through a section called ‘My Programs’ in which there are ready made yoga routines designed by highly trained yoga professionals. You can also design different routines based on your own style. The yoga routines which are available in the app are available in various versions and are useful for beginners and also for different levels as a person advances through the different stages in yoga.  Each and every pose in the app is explained in a detailed manner with the help of photos and clear instructions. There is also audio support for many of the asanas. There also videos that explain the poses in many of the scenarios. This app is compatible with Samsung phones having bada 2.0 or later versions.

The yoga app helps the user to keep track of the time which they have to spend in each and every pose. Yoga Free also has an option which will help the user to track down their yoga routine using the calendar option; this can help them to monitor their progress. There is also an option where you can browse over your training and yoga practices. The yoga poses in this app is divided into sitting asanas, floor asanas, balance asanas and standing asanas. The app also has the feature in which the user will get the statistics about their yoga practice. The app is also integrated with social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter through which one can share achievements and triumphs with their friends. The app also has various extra premium content that include extra poses, audio tracks, magazines and many more.  The app is very simple and easy to operate.


Yoga Free is a perfect app which would satisfy the needs of different yoga enthusiasts. This is a must try for all people who are trying to get started with yoga and also for individuals who are trying to advance to a further levels in it.

Good – Very useful and simple to follow.

Bad – The very feminine design and interface of the app makes it more preferable among women only.

Worth Having App  –  Download the Application