Layers of Fear is a beautifully terrifying psychological horror game

Some games want to mess with you. Layers of Fear is one of those games. Set in the 19th century, you assume the role of a painter who is as insane as he is talented (and he is very talented). With a large, Victorian mansion to explore, you must unravel the story and discover the secret to why he’s losing his mind.

With a heavy focus on story and exploration, the game does a great job of totally immersing you in the environment and the story. The graphics are polished and detailed, which make you want to explore, while the music does a good job of creating atmosphere & tension. There are even multiple ways to play, so you may need to have more than one playthrough to experience everything.

What’s very unsettling is that, with every turn of the camera, the look of your surroundings may change. When you can’t trust your senses and instinct in a horror game, what can you trust?! The game has received 5/5 reviews from publications like The Escapist, Games Radar+ and Digitally Downloaded who unanimously agree that one of the game’s best features is how cleverly it scares you. I can’t say more than that, because spoilers.

With some additional features for the mobile version, including a fluid point-and-click movement system, plus new objects and interactions, the game provides a new experience even for those who played the console / PC version. It’s a stellar example of how a console / PC game can look great on a mobile device.

Download the app now exclusively on iOS, or head to the website for more information.