Ever thought of turning a photo into a masterpiece that will be absolutely captivating? This sounds absolutely interesting and worth trying. Apparently, photos tend to reflect and present different past events that are memorable and still cling into individual’s minds. With the presence of different editing features and apps in the market, one needs to make an informed choice when picking one of them. Till recently, things have now been made easier with the introduction of KVADPhoto+ app. This incredible app that comes with fantastic features is the new trend when it comes to processing, formatting and adjusting different images to give them a satisfying appearance. The current honest users are absolutely amused with its overall performance, a fact that has made its rating to be quite high.

Understanding the Functionality of the KVADPhoto+ app

The first unique thing that the user will identify from this fantastic app is its amazing user interface and customized features. Being an app that focuses on image processing, it has entailed amazing tools both for basic function and boosting precision and great quality formation for images. The user is given the power to retouch the images and instill a unique set of tools (Adjustment Tools, Transform Tools and Magic Tools) to change the entire outlook of the photo or picture. Besides, with the presence of different enhancements, effects, colors, filters, frames and text tools, one is ready to easily edit and share wonderful final pictures!

Compatibility of KVADPhoto+ app

The quality formation adopted in this amazing app is a clear indication that the user will need great devices in order to get the best performance. The current recommended OS for this app include Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. On the other hand, the architecture required should either be ARM, x86, x64. Its operation can either be in PC or Windows mobile device.

Here are the distinct features that are notable in KVADPhoto+ app:

Fantastic well-designed frames

An image that is well confined in a beautifully-designed digital frame can absolutely appear quite attractive. KVADPhoto+ app has adopted fascinating frames that tend to carry interesting messages with them depending on the occasion the photo was taken. Some of the frames created include ‘Valentine’s Day Frames, ‘Summer Frames’, ‘Christmas Frames’ and ‘Holiday Frames’. Don’t miss to try them out!

Customize text and label them on photos

Sometimes, one might want to accompany a particular message with the photo in order to give it more related meaning. With KVADPhoto+ app, text labels can be applied perfectly on the images according to the user preferences. This can indeed create a more memorable impact in the future. Apply such text labels with app and make the photo look super awesome!

Transform the photo using precise and basic tools

The essential tools that have been integrated in the KVADPhoto+ app are meant to boost the overall appearance of the photo in relation to alignment and display. When it comes to applying the Photo Adjustment tool, the user can achieve the best sharpness, contrast, brightness, hue, temperature, saturation and even the preferred color. For the Magic Tools, they are basically meant for precision thus focusing on Lens Boost, Auto-Levels, Tilt Shift and Area Auto-Levels. When it comes to achieving perfect orientation, rotation, resizing and cropping; the Transform Tools will work best.

Make the photos amazing with special effects

Actually there are 200+ special effects that present perfect display for the images. The developers have taken keen interest in designing them to bring great satisfaction to the users. There are some notable special effects that will capture one’s attention, for instance fabric, light, heart, water, shadow, brush, watercolor, frames, noise and rust.

Apply filters to enhance photo appearance

Ever thought of transforming images into amazing art work? This has been made possible by KVADPhoto+ app. It actually uses the ‘Art’ filter to make such amazing display. Meanwhile, there are 150+ fantastic filters that are present in this great app for the user to choose from. Some categories include ‘Old style’, ‘Vintage’, ‘Black and White’, ‘Simple Tone ’, ‘Art ’, ‘Lomo’ and Warm Tones’.

Sharing moment after image processing

Once the image has undergone the process of transformation (from the camera or gallery up to well-designed final image), it is time to share with friends. This can be facilitated on different social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Let them see the fine product of KVADPhoto+ app! Meanwhile, such images can be saved on the gallery of the device used for future reference.

Besides, get a chance to enjoy new features like EXIF Data, mirror effects, shadow support (for stickers and texts), Live Tile support, new effects and filters and efficient collage editor!

Here are the Pros and Cons that are identified in the KVADPhoto+ app. Check them out:


· Lots of tools to try out

· Fun and easy to edit pictures

· Great user interface with amazing performance

· Filters and effects are super awesome!

· Fantastic customizable features and options


· Infrequent in performance at times

· Possibility of crashing if not updated


Image processing has never been an easy task for many photo lovers. There are different optional apps in the market but they have not brought great satisfaction needed. KVADPhoto+ app is clearly the ultimate solution when it comes to totally changing an image into an amazing and captivating one. Its 4+ star rating proves its prowess both in features and functionality. Why not get it today from Microsoft and photo experience will be absolutely fascinating!

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