Most of us are already getting bored by sending messages using the same platforms and emoji emotions over and over again. This is the main reason why there is a new app that is going to revolutionize your messaging experiences- KOTAK-The App That Slaps. KOTAK is a new application that was developed by Lincs. Lincs is a new developer of apps. KOTAK is an app that is normally supported by all devices that have an iOS operating system. KOTAK latest update was released on 7th March 2016. This app has been developed to ensure that you are able to send messages in a very funny way. KOTAK enables you to send amazing 3D Slaps and punches to your friends.

KOTAK has many quality features that have made it receive positive ratings from all over the world.

With KOTAK you will be able to send amazing 3D animated slaps, farts and punches to your friends. This is a very unique way of speaking to your crush and it makes them know that you have been thinking about them. The animated characters also comes with amazing sound effects that will crack the ribs of your friends.
KOTAK is also in a special way because it also allows you to send messages alongside the slaps to your friends. With KOTAK you will be able to express your thoughts and feelings in an peculiar ways. The app also features numerous emoji characters that you can add to your messages.

KOTAK also features a variety of graphics and color schemes that make it appealing to the eyes of the user. When you start using KOTAK you can hardly get enough of the app.

1.KOTAK is very easy and fun to use
2. The app has very impressive graphics
3. The app is not R rated meaning that it can be used by teenagers and adults.
4. The app proves to be an easy way to communicate and pass sweet messages to your friends.
5. The app is fun and addictive for all ages and genders. Every person who uses KOTAK is able to get a maximum enjoyment.
6. The app is very entertaining and engaging.

1. The app only supports the English language meaning that people who can’t speak English can use KOTAK effectively.
2. KOTAK is only supported by iOS devices that have iOS 9.1 or later. This means that the app cannot be useful for the low income earners who are not able to purchase iOS devices that have powerful operating systems.

Looking at the strength of the pros, we can say that KOTAK is a must -have app. It is an app that has been developed with a lot of dexterity to ensure that every person in the society gets a share of fun and entertainment. KOTAK may appear as a very simple app but when it comes to to enjoyment it proves to be very addictive and fun. With time, we expect the developer to solve the cons that have been highlighted.

If you want to express yourself better than the last time that you failed, do not hesitate when visiting your iTunes store. From there you can search and download KOTAK for only $0.99. The app has a manageable size of 23.2 MB. From there you will be required to create your personal KOTAK account and from there you will be ready to experience a new revolution of messaging.

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