Everyone has ups and downs and that is what life is all about. These ups and downs are said to be calculated by the physiological cycle of a physical, emotional, intellectual and intuitive rhythms called biorhythms. Do Biorhythms really exist and can they be calculated? Yes, Biorhythms exist and they can be calculated by means of certain formulas.

There are different apps to calculate this and one app that I recently found to be very useful is BiorhythmΩ. It is a Lifestyle app given by the seller Jeonghwan Kim and occupies a size of 3.2 MB.  Biorhythms are said to form a uniform pattern based on your birthdays. As you enter values on the app, it gives the accurate data on a graph by means of formal algorithms. It can be used anywhere at any time you prefer. It also gives a preview of your future biorhythms and helps you to manage the biorhythms of different people by integrating them.

The physical, emotional, intellectual and intuitive rhythms change every 23, 28, 33 and 38 days respectively. The four rhythmic cycles are calculated based on these values. And these values are calculated using the formula sin (2π d / 23), sin (2π d / 28), sin (2π d / 33) and sin (2π d / 38), where d is the number of days of living. These cyclic rhythms have values varying from   -100 to +100 of which the low values are -100 to -1, the high values are: +1 to +100 and the dangerous days are marked by 0. BiorhythmΩ tells how you felt today, how you might feel tomorrow and in the upcoming days.

BiorhythmΩ allows you to send the graphs on messages or by email and lets you for calculating the average of two or more users’ biorhythms. It helps you to calculate the biorhythms for the past 31 days and when you change the dates easily, you can view the biorhythms on multiple dates.  It has an app extension widget. The user interface is so cool and you can grasp the values on the chart so easily and understand them well.

BiorhythmΩ comes for a price of $1.99 and it is compatible with iOS 11.0 or later versions. The app is available in 7 different languages and it is rated to be 4+. Calculate your biorhythms with this application and control your health, mood and performance with this ultimate app. As you know your biorhythms, you can always see what to expect from each day with much convenience, ease and accuracy.

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