The main criteria for choosing a mobile operator in terms of the end user in most cases are the rates, the coverage, the quality of network and the availability of services. And the main technical challenges for operators are increasing the area of ​​coverage and providing high quality voice services and data transmission for their customers.  But what to do if an ordinary user is out of reach from the base station operator? How often do you have to go out of your office or your home to make an important call? And the reason of this is a bad relationship because of incomplete coverage of cellular operators.

One of the most affordable ways to improve the network coverage for end-users is the installation of mobile booster. Mobile boosters are high popularity enjoyed today. These are devices that receive and transmit electrical signals from one area to another via cables at different frequencies. Previously the mobile repeater amplify the cellular signal of mobile communication and recover its shape. Quite often, this equipment is also known as gsm repeaters, gsm amplifiers or gsm boosters.

The mobile signal repeater is selected for a specific case, because only in this situation we can ensure the effective operation of the equipment. There are several factors that affect the mobile signal quality of cellular communications. This is not only a reflection of cellular signals from tall buildings, but also a basement character of the building, a large distance from the mobile base station of your cell operator.

The cell phone repeater is high demanded in premises with concrete overlappings of the ceiling and the floor, as this material is badly misses the mobile signal. In large cities the signal reception on the first floors in houses, surrounded by tall buildings, is also unsatisfactory. “Failures” of mobile communication are frequent guests in suburban areas and suburban houses, located at a considerable distance from the cell base station of mobile operator. And the cell signal amplifiers can rectify this situation.

The cellular repeater is selected depending on several parameters. Repeaters differ in power, frequency range and coverage area. Modern devices can amplify and transmit a signal to the mobile space from 300 to 50000 m2, depending on their power. Modern mobile signal repeaters can amplify the mobile input signal in 100000 or even more times, depending on client’s needs. Choosing a repeater, you must pay attention to the frequency range of these devices and mobile standards.

The installation of the gsm signal repeater can be done individually or by the specialists. The cellular amplifier for mobile phone can be installed inside and used in the office and houses in the cities, in country houses, in the basement, in the car, anywhere you want to relay the signal of your mobile phone.