As the world is catching up, the consumption of fats foods increases by the day. Fitness is taking a back seat due to the busy hectic lifestyle today. Obesity and cholesterol problems continue to plague us. While exercise and workout might help, nothing helps like monitoring your diet efficiently. At the end of the day, we are what we eat. However, taking time out to visit a doctor or consult a nutritionist is not as easy as it sounds. The results are not guaranteed either. This is where the iOS app Ketodiet comes into the picture.

This dietician app is there with you always to help you monitor your diet plans, all without having to spend much time or money. Developed by Compumaster, this app provides good results that you can see on your own self. It is an iPad app requiring iOS version 5.0 or later.

Ketodiet looks into various aspects of your diet to give it a balance. It begins with helping you create a diet plan that suits your convenience and is easy to implement. To help you execute this plan, it goes ahead and gives you quick healthy recipes to accomplish the goals you set for yourself. If you do not understand the concept of a certain recipe, then you can read up the app diet book to understand it better. This will help you truly monitor your own diet. There is also a blog to keep you posted about health and fitness.

The best way to plan out your diet is indeed to calculate the components and leave out those that will do your body any harm. To help you get to this, all recipes posted on this app are free of additives, sugar ad grains. Also, each recipe has a detailed calculation of the amount of fats, energy, proteins and carbohydrates that it contains. Along with this, there are pictures of each recipe to give you a better ide a of what it should turn out like. At present, this app has 65 healthy recipes for you to try out your hand at and more recipes are regualrly posted on their blog. If yo wish to access more recipes, Ketodiet alsohas many in-app purchases for the same.

Creating your own diet plan is highly simplified with the planner. You can add recipes of your choice to your diet at any time. Also, editing your diet plan is just as  simple. Every time you change your diet plan or create one, the planner calculates the amount of proteins and carbohydrates it contains. Besides just the recipes on the app, you can include restaurant meals and custom meals to your plan too. It could not have been made simpler indeed!

Ketodiet believes that you need to monitor your diet on a regular basis to be able to improve. There is a graph with a plot of your food intake on various days so that you can see for yourself. This graph is plotted once each month to map your progress. This onlien dietician costs pnly $1.99, which is almost negligible compared to what a visit to a nutritionist would cost you.

Good: Planner built in the app, healthy recipes

Bad: None

Worth Having Application :  Download the App