Everyone loves tricks and magic. iSleight is one of the applications that guarantees absolute entertainment from playing magic. This application is specially designed to offer the finest gaming exposure that any individual could love. The app is one of a kind from Apple and is designed with the high-quality graphics. The application is made with a spectacular user interface that ensures all the information in the application is clear to the user.

The game is played using simple rules. As the magician, you make a prediction either on a piece of paper sheet or a handheld deck of cards. After this, you show the spectator the deck on the phone is continuously shuffling. This means that any one card will not be the same after the previous click. The spectator goes through the deck and then selects one of the cards. You then reveal the prediction, and they both match.

is1It is greatly known that magic applications can be discredited, but this app is by far from this effect. There is no force or sleight that is needed when the spectator selects the card. In addition, there is no need for a separate phone or Wi-Fi connection for you to operate the game. Also, you don’t need a table or a secret object to play ISleight. All that you need for this game is the iSleight and the ability to predict any card that the spectator chooses.

There are tremendous advantages that come with this application among them is the portability of the game. It can be played from anywhere since it runs in the phone and no external connections are required. The trick is how well you play the cards and how much you can play with the spectators mind. If you can link these two aspects, then you become the best magician of the year. The method of playing is very simple and doesn’t require you to program the cards according to the number of taps you make or where you touch the cards. You only make the trick by adding mentalism or part of a routine.

Another great advantage of this app is that it is easy to download and show. Only a few steps are required from the user to it to be completely functional in your device. Despite other applications that need some training before you can embark on the playing activity, this game is provided with the easiest interface with readable cards to assure the user efficiency and reliability.

is2The application also comes with a four-minute tutorial that is meant to show you the fundamental tricks of the game. Also, it has no voice or optical recognition which means it is secure and a fair gaming application.

It is without that the iSleight mobile application is one app that will bring out the magician in you. It is nicely designed with excellent features that make maximum use of your iPhone or iPad and presents to be a major source of entertainment regardless of your location. If you need to have a whole new experience in magic games, iSleight is the app to choose.

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