Over the last several decades, quiz and trivia games have dominated the media. Hits such as Jeopardy, Family Feud, and Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader have remained well-known for a long time and continue to do so.

While it’s enjoyable to sit at home and watch people try to win, there are many ways that you can appreciate that kind of brain-teasing fun yourself. iPrize: The Quiz Games & Trivia app is the best among global users. With iPrize, you can create your own contests, show off your talents and skills, participate in quizzes, get new business ideas, and earn real money.

Who Makes Use Of iPrize?

  • Anyone who wants to show off their talents and skills to the rest of the world;
  • Any as well as all groups and organizations with a common interest;
  • HR managers and directors, as well as business coaches
  • Event Management Companies;
  • Students and organizers of student events;
  • Fan clubs
  • Family and friends;
  • Anyone looking to make money, among many others

Advantages of iPrize – the Entertaining Quiz Games and Trivia App

  • It is entirely free to download and play.
  • 100% user-generated content
  • Massive community support
  • Make as many online quiz games as you want.
  • A straightforward user interface
  • Ten distinct categories
  • A precise knowledge tester and booster
  • Available in six languages
  • Millions of players globally

What You Can Do With The iPrize App Is As Follows:

  • Only create contests for your chosen group of people, on any topic and for any age (birthdays, parties with friends, weddings, anniversaries, and so on
  • Raise brand awareness, advertise your product or service, and generate new business ideas.
  • Increase existing consumer loyalty and activity by holding contests with prizes.
  • Gather creative and intellectual thoughts in educational and other institutions; hold student competitions;
  • Gain points and convert them to cash (for creating contests, winning them, for every like, etc.

Other Aspects – iPrize App                      

  • There are over 10,000 contests on the app that app users have created themselves.
  • The app has 100% of user-generated data
  • Over 600,000 people have downloaded it.
  • Users of the iPrize mobile app are spread across 100 countries
  • The six languages supported are Russian, English, French, Turkish, Spanish, and Portuguese.
  • The app can translate the data so that people worldwide can more easily understand it. This includes the interface, titles, descriptions, metadata, and content.

Final Words

The iPrize app has a user-friendly interface and plenty of features to make it an appealing option for users. One great feature is that you can earn money for every minute you spend using the app.