iPhone 4S the intermediate generation of iPhone between the fourth and the fifth generation of iPhone. Let us explore and review the plus and minus of this generation of iPhone.


iPhone 4S comes to limelight with the introduction of a number of enhancements in the software with little or no changes in the design of the phone. Some of the highlight design of the iPhone will include the bulkiness of the iPhone though supposed to be one among the lightest, but gives a solid feel in the hand that you will not be missing it. The phone has a power button on the top with volume control buttons on the left side with an additional button, which probably is the camera button. On the front of the iPhone 4S is the same multitask button at the lower end while the speaker is at the top end. Besides there are microSD card slots and other buttons on the right hand side of the iPhone. There is no button at the bottom but probably there is a port of connecting to the USB cable/port for charging with an USB/adaptor.


This is one of the most important part to discuss as iPhone 4S has been in the limelight for the software up gradation that this received. The main software up gradation is the inclusion of the dual core A5 chips into the handset that delivers twice the more power than what is normally being delivered. Besides, the second highlightable feature is the inclusion of 8 MP camera which is not new for a mobile phone, but still is capable of shooting 1080p quality videos. Above all of these two features what is more interesting and useful is the addition of Siri, the most virtual intelligent assistant that types instantly what you say, besides understand what you mean and chooses the right application to work with, makes phone calls at your service, schedules meetings, sets reminders and much more. The dual core A5 chip on the other hand enhances the performance of such applications and is also useful in making the iPhone much more power efficient, giving you an outstanding battery life.


This iPhone 4S has a number of good features to brag about – some of them being they have a faster processor, the A5 chip, an advanced camera, 8 MP camera, which is much more advanced, and an immensely useful voice virtual assistant, Siri. Besides some of the other good features and design about this iPhone 4s is that this is perfectly bulky enough that you won’t lose it, good call quality when it is on Sprint, very good data speeds. However, the iPhone misses the blazing internet speed of 4G and LTE accessibility and many are looking for a bigger screen next time that is fifth generation iPhone 5 at the least.

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The bottom line of the iPhone 4S is that this is a perfect blend of software sophistication into the popular model of iPhone 4 and therefore has been aptly names iPhone 4S. Does the S stands for the innovative virtual voice assistant Siri?

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