Iphone 4 has sizzled the whole cell phone industry with its unique features and best performance. There is always a tough competition going on between Apple and android phones. With new iphone 4g, people have been intrigued by the record-breaking performance and amazing features, which make the older versions, look really outdated.

Features that are different from the older versions:

  • The exterior features that make apple iphone 4g different from the older versions is the shape and the design of the phone. This one is bigger and has a sleek design. It has a completely different and new design and looks even more striking. It even feels a lot better when you hold it.
  • It has a front facing camera as well as a five-mega pixel camera at the back.
  • The processor is very fast with the custom-built A4 chip which is used in its ipad. The speed is higher but not it is not too much different from 3GS, which was also fast enough.
  • It has 512 MB of RAM which is a big leap from the 256 MB in the older version.
  • There is a second microphone also which helps to fight against the background noise while you are on call. This is a similar feature to the android phone, Google nexus one.
  • The screen display of the phone is simply outrageous. The touch screen has high sensitivity just like the older versions.
  • Iphone 4g is a lot better in terms of connectivity. While the older versions, 3G and 3GS had some connection and call drop problems, this one is better and has lower problems related to that.

All in all, iphone 4g is just a very beautiful and feature packed phone that has rocked the world with its performance and style.