Have you ever wanted to be a responsible parent? Well, who doesn’t? All of us love to instill good habits in kids and it isn’t that easy. Using the advantage of mobile, the children have now started to use at a very younger age, the app named KiteBoard has been released. This app helps parents have fun, and make their kid’s life more disciplined and productive.

What is the app about?

Given by Dmytro Kompanets, KiteBoard is a lifestyle app and it belongs to the ecosystem of kitetools. The app lets parents inhibit good habits in children. This app will be a personal bulletin board for both the parents and the kids. Parents can list the activities that they want their kid/kids to carry out. By providing rewards to kids, they get motivated and they tend to do more and more each day. The app benefits the kids by giving them pocket money and the parents are happy to see their kids becoming responsible as they execute the good deeds.

Working of the app:

KiteBoard works as users download and start adding their kids’ email id. The app has templates of a set of tasks that they can assign to the children or they can make their own. The tasks can be anything like asking your kids to clean their room every day, sending a meme to you, playing or exercising regularly, doing their homework and so on.

Special features of the app:

KiteBoard has so many interesting elements that boost your kids to do more and more. With the advent of mobiles, this concept of all the tools given by Kite brings together both the kids and adults at home. It facilitates the communication of parents with their kids amidst their busy life schedules. The app comes with options that allow the kids to upload photos for verification. Once the parent is satisfied with the work of the kids they can confirm and award them coins or reject them. The total number of coins earned so far can be seen in the history section. Apart from this, KiteBoard allows users to buy other special gift items to the kids from the KiteStore. This unique feature of the app is something that would bring happiness to both parents and children.


The app is completely free for download and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. KiteBoard has many in-app purchases that help you to add more elements to your responsible parenting schedule. Get the app now and be sure that you always stay in your children’s life.

Worth Having App – Download the App