InSlideOut is a new app for the IPhone that provides a platform for keeping track of favorite sporting and other entertainment events, both at home and just about anywhere.

Punch in the name of the team for the event and the App searches for the applicable information.

With your circle of friends, similar to other Apps, you can seamlessly share the information on what is going on in the sporting and events’ world and what you may be of interest.

InSlideOut is a great little App to help you plan your weekend get together with your friends to watch a sporting event, or to help decide what concert you may want to go and see.


There is no more having to search through the newspaper or Online. The InSlideOut app gives you only the information that you want, at your fingertips, as early as it is available.

Hook up with your friends with InSlideOut and plan together what you want to see or go to, in your city, or across the country.

How It Works

Signing in to InSlideOut is as easy as filling in the most basic of information. They ask for your name, telephone number, email and a password, and that it is. Within one minute, you can have the InSlideOut app up and running on your IPhone.

Once inside InSlideOut, setting up to follow the schedules for your favorite teams or concerts is as easy as hitting the “Events” Tab in the Menu located at the top left-hand corner of the app.


You are immediately taken to the “Events’,” where you get the opportunity to enter in the sporting or concert events of interests, either at the National or Local Level.

For example, if you happen to live in Chicago, IL, you may want to follow the Chicago Blackhawks. Click on the “Sports” icon and you are taken to a page where you can add your favorite sport’s team. The options are Basketball, Baseball, Football, Hockey, and Soccer. That covers the major sports, and there is also an option to select professional or local teams.

Click on “hockey”, type in “Chicago Blackhawks” and voila, a second or two later, you will get a bright red note that tells you your favorite team has been added.

This is a similar operation for all sports and events, and as schedules appear, you are on your way to using this great InSlideOut app.

Your Circle of Friends

To add a “Circle of Friends” head back to the Menu and click on “Connections”. It is as easy as typing in the name, the app searches your contacts and sends your friend a text message to join. Very simple and easy to use, and you can add as many friends to your circle as you want.


The InSlideOut app is new to the IPhone and provides a good platform for tracking the schedules for your favorite teams and events. You can share the information easily across your circle of friends, which is a great tool for being able to plan together, what sport you may want to watch or concert to attend.

The InSlideOut app is free and a good one to download to your IPhone.

Worth Having App – Download the App