With time, the internet has emerged as one of the most versatile and robust platform for business. Great reach coupled with ease of maintenance and least expenses have made the internet a preferred platform for businesses of every size. However, even in the web world the competition is increasing first and in order to stand apart in the crowd your website needs to employ the best tools of web marketing. When it comes to web marketing, the vast application and benefits of UserStats cannot be overlooked anyway. UserStats is a new tool that can vastly improve the conversion rate of any online business. The efficiency of the application have been scientifically tested, and it has been found that UserStats can be great for building trust within the customers; it is also helpful in making the visitors engrossed which can certainly boost the conversion rate of any site.

UserStats show verified user statistics on your website, and good number of verified users is sure to make a positive impression on the new user as well, making him or her more glued and interested about your business. The tool informs the new visitors about the popularity of your site, which in turn help in more conversion.  UserStats offer social proof to your customers building your brand value.


  • UserStatsis a user statistics tracking tool that can be customised according to the goals of any specific business.
  • The application is fully automated and works in the speed of light without any fall of website performance.
  • UserStats is simple to set up and use. You can easily preview and edit your widget within minutes. It only takes you to enter a URL and you are ready to go.
  • Activating your widget is also simple. You need to place the particular UserStats tracking code on your website to start tracking your visitors instantly.
  • The application will start showing UserStats on your webpage as the user tracking data is collected.
  • The tool is optimised to perform in one-product simple sites to even the biggest travel sites which involve multiple actions in every moment.
  • UserStats has been developed by online marketing and conversion rate experts, which ensures the high efficiency of the tool.
  • This newly launched application can be used in different types of business to achieve different customer data related goals. It can be ideal for tracking numbers of order placed through the site for e-commerce businesses; it can also display number of bookings made through the site for travel and hospitality businesses; it can also display user statistics for gaming sites, software and application or lead generation.
  • UserStats is available for an upfront price without any hidden charges. The charge varies depending on the traffic volume of the site.
  • The developer provides the best support and also ensures high confidentiality for the client’s data. A free trial plan of UserStats is also available.

Summary: UserStats is a web tool that improves the conversion rate of websites by displaying verified user statistics on the site.

Good: The efficiency of UserStats has been proven scientifically; and it comes with 30 days full money back guarantee.

Bad: No bad reports about the application have yet been received.

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