There are many poker lovers across the world, and the Poker apps have helped a lot to make poker even more popular across different age groups. The poker applications offer you a great way to pass your free time, and at the same time give you the chance to win some quick bucks for pocket money or other purposes. However, in order to play the game to win you need to learn some basic techniques. As you keep on playing, automatically your experiences add to your learning, but as a beginner having some basic idea about the game is no doubt important. Here are some tips for the beginners of Poker apps which can be really helpful at least for saving money from the very first hand if not for winning. Here we go

#1 As a beginner in the poker arena you need to be cautious about selecting your hand. Although, in poker any hand can win, but surely some of the hands bear a better chance. So, be selective about your beginning hand, and you can gain much insight about hand selection as you continue to play.

#2 Bluffing no doubt makes an important part in playing poker, and it can be very useful for winning more money. However, for the beginners, it is always suggested to play your cards in a better way rather than trying to put your opponents out of hands by bluffing, as it might prove a wrong as well as highly expensive strategy for the beginners.

#3 Do not over-estimate yourself. As a beginner you should pick your competitors carefully. It is always preferable to sit with competitors with lower or nearest levels of your own. This will not only reduce your chance of loss, but will also make the game more interesting by making the game equally tough for all the participants.

#4 Figuring out the strength of your opponent’s hand makes the most important part of poker games. As a beginner you should try to assume the hand of your opponent, and if you feel that the opponent has a better hand you should prepare to fold your hand. This strategy can be very helpful to save money.

5# As a beginner it is always suggested to not to play for high money. The players are expected to be better than you in the higher levels, and so you will have a less chance to win. Calculate your limits depending on your budget and your level of expertise. Do not go for a sum that makes the game stressful for you.

6# Knowing the fundamental rules of the game is a must. Often a number of Poker apps implement some modified rules in order to make the game more interesting and attractive to the players. So, before you pick a poker app and start your game be sure about each and every guideline the app supports.

Several Poker apps for both iOS and Android platforms are available online. You can easily download them from iTunes or Google Play Store.