Steve Jobs has rejoined the company after his medical leave and he has straightaway taken the charge by three big launches at the WWDC 2011 recently. The first being the Apple OS-X Lion, second being the much awaited iOS5 and a special launch of the cloud computing software the iCloud. Quite a surprise at first as no new hardware was announced, the software launched are well equipped to make the tech world thrill.

Apart from the Lion OS, the iCloud and the iOS are quite in the news as they are now the power engines giving the Apple devices a new platform and hence giving them a default upgrade. For the people who don’t exactly are aware of the iCloud, this is the correct time. The iCloud is a cloud computing service launched by Apple where at quite a low cost, you can store your precious data and get free from the tension of your computer being virus struck or the hard drive getting crashed as the data is more robust now. The big plus point that comes here is that you don’t have to search up for the file you uploaded as the iCloud will itself “push” it to your device. Available to all the Apple Devices, the iCloud provides 5GB free storage to every sign up. One can also tune up the back up with it through the Apple Time Machine.

iCloud is also loaded with the apps such as iTunes, document and picture viewer, contacts, scheduler and a calendar. Set for a launch in this fall, the iCloud is set to create the usual Apple hypnotism.

Coming to the iOS5, we realize that it has been quite a time that such an improvement was expected as Apple is constantly improving its range of hardware. Tuned with the iCloud, it will be arriving in the ipad, iphone and the ipod touch. With over 200 new features including the newspaper stand, locking the screen, integrated twitter and photo editing.

The new launches, even though can’t be touched, but have definitely made quite an impact to be felt on the market which is going in Apple’s way for sure.