It seems that Guest posting still continues to be one of the most familiar off-page SEO tactics. Instead of people waiting for quality sites to link to your domain, you must take a progressive role by actively approaching them first. It’s one of the quickest ways to get backlinks and ameliorate your domain authority.

Best Tips on Writing the Best Guest Post

We understand that basic writing skill isn’t the only key factor in getting a manuscript published. In addition, most blogs and publications that welcome guest posts likely already have a good backlog of content. Thereby your manuscript requires to be high-quality and greatly unique on all fronts.

Look for Content Gaps

It is elaborated that high-authority blogs know and follow basic content marketing and SEO guidelines. This primarily means they’re not going to keep publishing similar content and repeat main keywords. It might cause keyword cannibalization or badly affect their domain authority. The audiences also don’t applause repetitive content, so topics that have been done before would be rejected.

One can brainstorm topic ideas and be sure to check if they’ve already been covered or not. As most blogs need anywhere from 500 to 2000 words per manuscript, avoiding topics that are sure to get rejected will actually save you a lot of time.

Read the Guidelines

For blogs that mostly welcome upfront manuscripts, they’re going to have a list of what they wish from passionate guest writers. These guidelines could comprise:

  • Accepted topics
  • Minimum and Maximum Word Requirements
  • Desired writing tone and style
  • Accepted document formats Docx, Google docs, ODT
  • Required details namely about author’s experience, links to previous guest posts, company links
  • Required attachments namely author’s headshot, images

Primarily the whole point of guest post guidelines is to make sure the editors are obtaining submissions that are fit for their blog. They’re searching for guest posts that properly match their content and SEO strategy.

Proofread Your Manuscripts

The success in getting a guest post published quickly is to make sure the editors have few works to do as possible. For familiar guest posting sites, their editors might look for getting hundreds of manuscripts a week, so they’ll instantly ignore anything irrelevant or kind of poorly written.

Moreover one has to check for plagiarism. Even when people didn’t intend to use the exact same words as someone else, search engines would still take high-plagiarism ratings as an unfavourable SEO signal. Thereby the editors will check for this, so it is better to make sure you have run your manuscript through plagiarism checkers before actually submitting them.