Dropped your costly gadget in toilet or sink? Or spilled glass of water or hot tea on it? Many of you may face similar kind of situation but did you ever saved your valuable gadget from damage of water. Getting your water damaged device running again is kind of miss and hit affair. Most of the times, wine and some other drinks leave a substance when they get dry. This may result in corrosive effect on your gadget. Though it will work nicely in initial time, but it stops working normally after few days. Here are few tips which will help you to rescue your gadget from water damage and bring it to life.

  • Discontinue the Power: As soon as you realize that your gadget has been sunk in water, cut off all the electric supply immediately. The damage will not be caused by water but because of short circuits in the gadget. If your device has removable battery, remove it immediately. If you cannot do it, turn off your gadget on immediate basis. Make sure you will not turn on your device unless and until it is completely recovered.
  • Strip the Device: Remove every possible thing from you gadget such as front cover, back cover, SIM cards etc. The purpose of doing this is to make sure that air goes inside easily and every single traces of water come out.
  • Fade away Water: Use vacuum cleaner of narrow nozzle to remove the moisture from your device. It will help you to suck water from each hole of the gadget. But don’t use hair dryer as hot air can create significant damage to the device. Sometimes water evaporation may leave stains on the device, which is definitely not good for your device.
  • Make it Dry: Many sites will recommend you to put your gadget in the dry rice bowl. That is fine, but here is an important trick which works better than any other alternatives. The secret is the breakfast cereal, Rice Krispies. It can suck up water more aggressively and faster than uncooked rice. Take a fresh box, fix your gadget there and leave it for 2 days. For better results rotate your device various times.
  • Hope for the best: After 2 or 3 days remove your device from Rice Krispies. In case you see more signs of moisture, consider to keep it for some more time. If you think that it is completely dry, rearrange the battery and other parts. Just hope for the best and if you are fortunate enough, you feel happy to see the device running again.

If your gadget is running well when it is plugged to charger but not working well with battery power, then battery of that particular device might have damaged by liquid. Don’t take any risky decision because it is a time you should consult manufacture for the battery replacement. If you think that you can repair your gadget by following above tricks then just go for it. But don’t dare if you think that your device is severely damaged. In such a situation, it is better to consult from some technology expert.