Few years ago, mobile phones were simple and available in reasonable rate, with average spending of $57 monthly per US household. Today, more than half of the Americans are holding smartphones with investment of around $200 for new device after every couple of years. Being a smartphone user, you have to make sure that your smartphone user is not budget-buster. The all in one and jack of trades, smartphone can replace expensive portable devices such as digital cameras, MP3 players and GPS. Sometimes, it can also be utilized as pedometer, diet tracker and with customized app, the efficiency is truly peerless. Here are few ways your smartphone can pay for itself –

  • Source to fetch attractive deals and high discounts – Save substantial amount on every purchase in grocery store without applying for single coupon. With unique apps like The Coupons and Coupon Sherpa, you can review any available coupons from shop of your choice. Some location based facilities like FourSquare are also nice way to fetch discounts. With the help of some premium apps, you can check in at few stores or restaurants to unlock special deals or rewards. You can save substantial amount by employing your smartphone in appropriate way.
  • As an every day planner – Get rid of entering your daily plans manually with pen. Most of the people face lot of hassle in logging their everyday appointments and annual events in calendar. These days, most of the smartphones come with built in calendar and planning tools that you can install with sophisticated apps. With some specialized apps, you can even set alarm to remind different events in advance. An option of merging your personal daily calendar with office calendar is also available in some smartphone apps. One can save an amount as high as $100 every month through day planner.
  • As a smart music player: Smartphones are one of the effective devices to listen and store your favorite music. With storage limit as high as 64GB, your smartphone can hold more data than your standalone MP3 player or iPod. You can stream songs from internet using apps such as YouTube or Pandora. With apps like Google music and iCoud, your smartphone has an ability to access the complete music library on the PC.
  • As a portable GPS: Whether you are hitting trails or out on road, it is very easy to utilize your gadget to get around. With navigation apps featured for smartphones and Google maps can be installed in Android devices, there is hardly any need of traditional GPS, especially when you are just looking to travel from point 1 to point 2.

Your smartphone can act as replacement to HD camcorder to so save you around $200. More than $20 for an alarm clock radio and $100 every year on home internet services can be saved using your favorite smartphone. A user no longer has to invest on handheld game console which can save him $200. So overall, a smartphone user can save more than $500 with the help of his gadget, which is well enough to compensate the entire cost.