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Printing is a very crucial exercise especially where images are concerned. There is need for clarity when information is passed from one source to another and this is true starting from labels all the way to images. There are lots of printers in the market and choosing the right one can be such an uphill task. The general fear is that once bought some of the printers may not give the quality as expected hence the post- purchase dissonance. Therefore there needs to be a deliberate effort made to ensure that you get the right color label printer. Getting the right printer also requires that you know the difference between photo qualities, color, inkjet, barcode amongst others. Below is a simple guide that will help you in gaining knowledge to help you in making a sober decision with regards to choosing the best printer.

Whether your business is a start up or a large entity, you should invest in a color label printer that prints faster. Generally, cheap color label printers are slower as compared to more expensive printers. The more the sheets per minute the printer can print, the better because this will save you quality time that can be invested in doing something else that will add value to your business. Therefore, ensure that you establish the speed of the color printer before finalizing on your purchase. Even if it means that you will spend some extra dollars in buying a fast color laser printer, it is a worth investment and will serve the interests of your business the best.


A color label printer plays a very crucial role in your business. It is therefore a good idea to buy one that has extensive amount of memory. Though the memory of a printer can be expanded it is good to invest in a color label printer with adequate memory to avoid incurring extra costs in the future. Having a printer with extensive memory is very helpful especially when you are printing pages with big images. In addition, a laser printer that has substantial amount of memory is faster.


Color laser printers utilize an array of printing technologies. Some printers use bulk wax approach while others use colored ribbons which you have to replace from time to time. The onus is on you to choose the printer that suits your needs best. However, it is worth pointing out that newer technologies color laser printers are better because they have more features that improves the quality of the print out. In addition, they are more effective, efficient and incredibly reliable.

Running Costs

Another critical aspect when choosing a perfect color label printer is the running costs. You need to buy a laser printer that you can afford the cost of operating. Take time and find out the prices of inks drums for that particular type of color laser printer as well as cost of cartridge. Color inks are very expensive and you need to buy a printer that you can comfortably foot the running costs. A smart idea is buying a printer that utilizes cost effective inks that have high quality results. When all is said and done, buy a printer that you know its running costs so that you do not plunge in something you cannot be able to maintain.


Some vendors offer color label printers at very cheap prices. Though cost is an important factor that you have to consider in your purchase decision, you should not just pick a printer because it is being sold at cost effective prices. Quality of a printer is very significant to its performance and as such you should not compromise quality for price. In the contemporary world, there are numerous vendors both in online stores and land based stores and you should ensure that you analyze what various retailers are offering the market in terms of quality and price attributes to settle for the best choice.


Resolution of a printer entails the sharpness of the text as well as images on paper. It is important that you buy a color printer that has a good resolution.

It can be a daunting task to choose a perfect color label printer for your business. However, when you apply the above tips I believe you will be in a position to purchase a perfect color label printer for your business seamless and stress free.

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