There’s nothing like the information age to make you feel quite so old, is there? Carphone Warehouse recently launched its latest advertising campaign, a trip down (a not so distant) memory lane celebrating the retro mobile phones that have earned a place in the hearts of millions.

Hands up who had a Nokia 3210? Don’t get too upset, but that iconic device was released a whole century ago (well, 1999 anyway). Did you once watch the Matrix, then immediately rush out and buy a floor length leather coat, a Nokia 7110 slide phone and start work on your invisible limbo trick as imaginary bullets whizzed by your ears? Yeah, me neither….

Technology moves at breakneck speeds making multi-coloured clip on fascias and created your own polyphonic masterpieces seem like a million years ago.

Now it’s video streaming, Facebook, built-in cameras and satellite navigation, and come the end of the month, 4G internet connectivity which promises download speeds that make your home broadband seem as though it’s powered by a panting mouse on a small wheel inside your router.

The problem is, that while the arms race to pack even more technology into small metal shells that fit in the palm of your hand can make your life that little bit easier, it can all get a little confusing about what is the best device for you.

It can be very tempting just to go for the flashiest model with as many bells and whistles as possible but what use is having contactless near field communication (NFC – the technology Oyster Cards and some contactless payments Barclays debit cards use) in your phone when all you want it to be able to text your family about Eastenders?

And what if the way you communicate doesn’t even lend itself to a mobile phone? There are plenty of other options out there available to you that could take you away from the traditional mobile and to something more suited to you.

In fact a mistake many businesses make, as well as those looking to co-ordinate trips or events say, is opting to use mobile technology instead of radio communication devices like digital two way radios.

The key to unlocking the mystery of modern communication is in fact quite simple – it’s all about understanding what you need and picking the device tailored to what you are looking for. Such is the diversity of devices out there you should be able to list all the features you want and with a bit of digging find a match made in heaven.

A great tool in your search for the perfect device are comparison websites like Money Supermarket or USwitch. Not only do they help you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to pay monthly contracts but they also have great resources for helping you pick the right phone for you.

Independent review sites like Tech Radar and Cnet provide great impartial advice on the pros and cons of most devices and help you decide what to look at and what to avoid.

If you decide that a mobile phone doesn’t suit your needs and indeed two way radios are the way forward then there is also a great deal of information out there to help you make a choice. lets you compare two different models of radios so you can see their features side by side, while Amazon ranks its products by reviews left by customers, so you can get an idea what the device is like to use in everyday life.

Whichever device you do end up choosing be rest assured there is plenty of help for you out there that should ensure you have something perfectly tailored to your needs.

Set your budget, know what it is exactly that you are looking for and use the internet to do your research. After all, the proliferation of new technology made choosing a device so hard in the first place, so you may as well use all this information at your fingertips to your advantage.

Guest post by Charlie Curtis-Jones who writes for, the two way radio company specialising in sales, support and 2 way radio hire for leisure and commercial use.