AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) has achieved significant control on most of the game consoles and recently company has also confirmed that it will be offer core technology in upcoming PS4 of Sony. Considering this, Microsoft also got connected with AMD as a provider for Xbox 360 and it appears that Redmond is also continuing the relationship of Xbox720 which will be announced very soon.

What it infers that all the current game console providers will be on same technology. Practically, it has executed with tablets and smartphones but instead of Intel or ARM, the core may be AMD’s execution of x86. This will definitely help to boost game console industry, while putting AMD into front position in game graphics for devices like computers.

There are different reasons why game console market is not growing today. The principal reason is that game system manufacturers don’t revive their platform frequently. This has been taking place because it requires significant investment to execute it. Another reason is the habit of designing infinite sequels and monotonous games until user get tired of repetitive things. This strategy is followed because it is very expensive to bring out something creative and developers are more interesting in upgrading the same thing rather than producing something new. Few platforms such as Sony Cell technology utilized in PS3 were very harsh and it is too costly to develop. This ultimately curtailed the profits up to significant extent and even survival became tougher for the companies. Last but not least reason is the emergence of tablets and Smartphones as a gaming platform. They have created strong competition for game consoles as users prefer to have a gaming and mobile in one single device.

AMD’s strategies will resolve all the above problems. X86 platform is designed for convenient and affordable upgrades. One can share it with different platforms which allow updating cost to drop significantly. It lets all game console manufacturers to do system update in most economical and judicious way. By having same architecture between PC and consoles, game manufactures can port it easily between different systems. It will also help them to avoid rewriting games for diverse consoles. In addition to this, by keeping everything on integrated platform, game consoles become try to match ARM products which they are strongly competing against.

There are high chances that AMD will get hold of the competitive gaming market as developers can easily recognize the graphic capabilities of AMDs which will be executed across all gaming systems. In gaming market, it is not the powerful or fastest product that achieves success but the product which can be effectively utilized is the real winner. Today, AMD has upgraded to position where it can easily dominate portable gaming market. This will also give them some competitive advantage which the company will definitely like to exploit. In coming time, they will be more interested in devices which will give them best user value as those are the products consumers often prefer.