It is always a great thing to participate in beauty pageant competitions. It gives you a lot of exposure, improves your confidence and communication skills and also help people meet many inspirational stars in the industry. These contests aim in bringing out the best qualities in ladies. If you are into the fashion industry, then this is a great chance for you to enroll and gain a lot.

What is is an addictive app that dubs as the octagon of hotness. This game brings its users an opportunity to vote against two celebrity women. As they vote, they can also view the percentage of votes gained by each beauty. Users can continue to play the game until they get bored and I bet it will definitely keep you occupied for more hours.

What is the motive behind the creation of

Dyna Byte, the CEO and Promoter of says that she wanted to give the girls a chance to have a battle with each other. These people work round the year grooming themselves and they need some motivation.

The CEO’s words on, “It’s kind of like an old school free-for-all because there are no weight classes – runway models against musicians against actresses, all dressed to the nines. There are no losers here, these are some of the most beautiful women in the world so it’s all in good fun.”

Women in the fashion or media industry or any other celebrity on the big screen work out a lot to maintain their super model image and they put in more efforts to gain fame. It is high-time we appreciate them. is one such unique app that aims in boosting these hard-working ladies/girls.

By the end of the year, the winners will be announced and they will be honored through a party. All those who want to get featured will have to send a copy of their photo to And that’s it, they will be a candidate of this voting. Those who failed to use the opportunity can enroll for the next year.

The Twitter page of this app is If you enjoy modeling, hair makeup and fashion, you will have some fun using this app. Witnessing the beauties you enjoyed watching on various media and voting for them is something that gives you great pleasure. If you are a newbie to the media and wish to gain more recognition, then you could go and enroll for this awesome battle.