Traditional cop and thief games are exciting and full of adventure. The rush of blood when you chase the thieves at top speed down a highway is unmatched indeed. What if I told you that you could do the same not on road but from a chopper flying in the sky? Sounds exhilarating and almost impossible right? The iOS app Highway Chase does exactly this. Destroy the thieves below from high up in the sky.

To add to the excitement, there is a clock ticking and unless you bring yourself up to speed, your mission will fail miserably. Developed by Rise Up Labs, this game has a lot of features and options that will keep you glued on to your device until you complete it all the way to the end. As you are moving in the sky, you have to identify the car of the thieves and aim at them. Each correct aim will earn you a lot of points. At the same time, to add to the trickiness, there are lots of civilian cars along with the target car and they are all moving randomly. If you miss your aim, there is a high chance that you will end up shooting an innocent person, which could just cost you your cop badge.

The gameplay is as simple as it gets. You aim on a vehicle and tap on the screen to shoot. Unless you are quick and agile, your target will have moved out of its place. There is a two way street and you are in the middle on a chopper. The sidewalk is full of pedestrians as well. The trick of the game is to aim such that your bullet whooshes past all the innocent cars and hits only the one with the thieves in it. If you miss your aim, the Game is over immediately for you.

As you proceed with the game, the challenge gets harder as the lanes get narrower and you have less time with a lot more to do. This translates to less time to aim and take your shot. Unless you are quick, the thieves will escape your clutches. The good part of the game is how it gradually picks up in such a way that the challenge becomes bearable. With a good amount of practice, you can indeed polish your aiming skills and shoot in no time.

If you fare well in the game and get a high score, there are a lot of rewards awaiting you in the form of better models of helicopters. You can unlock them with high scores. Besides this, the game scores well in terms of graphics and implementation. The excitement level indeed does manage to soar and keep you at the game from the moment you begin to the moment you complete the game. There is a lot in store with a smooth learning curve for you to exploit. So, if you like thrill and excitement and wish to try out a new kind of app, this one would be ideal.


Good: Concept and excitement levels

Bad: None

Worth Having Application –  Download the App