At first glance, the app Hexa-Dots has an attractive and enticing cover image on the home screen. The image gives some information towards the game but just too little to make you want to open it and find out what the app contains. Just as you open this app, you are greeted with a quick and informative tutorial that explains exactly how to play this addicting game. The idea behind it is a one-touch operative to match dots of a certain color in a line of four on a sectioned hexagonal board. When four dots of the same color are placed in a line, they are removed from the board and reduce the number of dots of that color needed to complete the level.

Right from the tutorial, I immediately wanted to finish the entire game! After completing the tutorial, the home screen contains 10 hexagonal, numbered levels of increasing difficulty with an additional mystery level. Another nuance to this game is the idea of both coins and medals. Coins are earned through in-app purchases or through watching videos to earn coins for free. These coins allow the user to purchase additional features that could help them pass the level, including the paint palette that can change the color of one dot to a hue of your choice, the bomb function that eliminates all dots in a one-space hexagonal radius, a sniper option that eliminates one dot of your choice, and a swap function that can change the position of two dots simultaneously upon your selection. Medals are necessary to unlock the additional locked level of each stage of Hexa-Dots.

By achieving a high enough score on each level, three star-shaped medals are able to be gained. When you earn enough medals (29 in the initial stage) you are able to unlock the additional, locked, level. Not only does this make you want to play more and more, but it also makes the player strive for perfection in each level in order to achieve the three possible stars on each level. These nuances make this game even more addictive! This app is extremely fun and gets even more challenging as the game progresses. However, if you forget how to play or what a certain function does, simply tap the menu icon (three lines) and select the tutorial of your choice.

These tutorials are brief and simple, not to mention always accessible. Those who are true puzzle fanatics are sure to love this game, but it is suitable for even the least skilled and most novice of players. In my opinion, this game is one of the best of its genre that I have played and I am sure to keep playing. All in all, this is a great game that is both well done aesthetically and well thought out as a puzzle. The game is sure to capture your attention and keep it for hours. The only issue that I have with this game is that it distracts me from my work! Good luck beating the game!

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