DooriGo is a new app designed to help increase the safety of people who live alone, travel, work away or are otherwise in situations where their safety may be at risk. You can visit their website or check out the app now on iOS and Google Play.

You start by selecting a time of day for the app to text you. When it texts you, you have a window of time (set by the user) to reply. If you don’t, it’ll notify your chosen contacts that you haven’t checked in, so they can personally check-in with you to make sure everything is okay. If not, they will be able to see your phone’s last known location and arrange for help to arrive.

The app is ideal for:

  • Adults with pets who want to know that, if something happens, their pet is taken care of.
  • Parents of young adults who want to ensure your children who have recently flown the nest are fine (without being a needy parent).
  • Senior relatives who live alone, but too far away for you to regularly visit.
  • Independent adults living alone who want somebody to check on them from time to time, but don’t want to compromise their freedom.

DooriGo is a sensible safety app. It isn’t an excessive measure, but it can prevent a bad situation from becoming worse and help those who live alone feel safe and connected to their loved ones. Because it can store encrypted information such as the location of your will, bank account details and special instructions, you can have peace of mind knowing that, in an emergency, the necessary arrangements can be made.

For more information visit or download it on iOS or Google Play today.