RC 3D helicopters are the talk of the day. They are both fun and cool. However, you cannot take them anywhere you wish. To solve this issue, the android app Helidroid 3D provides you a superior experience by simulating a 3D copter on your mobile device.

The gameplay is quite basic. There are many difficulty levels and you have to steer your copter across various points, catch checkpoints, knock down cans of certain brands and the like. In total, you have 30 missions to unlock and conquer, each set up in unique surroundings or rooms of the house. As you go up the levels, they keep getting harder. One thing to keep in mind is that the helicopter is an RC one and not a real one. Based on how you perform, you are awarded stars, 3 being for best performance.


Hats off to the 3D graphics of this game! The developers have excellent spatial awareness. The movements of the helicopter, along with the look and sound effects make it seem quite real indeed. More detailing and smoothness have been incorporated into the game. The challenges follow the tutorial style so that you improve with each game and get better with your maneuvers and flight controls. The overall effect is that you get the experience of a fighter flick when you play this game.

There are 3 gaming controls- RC Skylift, RC Fire and RC Apache. Each of these has a special role to perform and is valuable to the game as a whole. There is an entire house for you to navigate within. You have to collect water from the pools and use it to put out the firs, move objects around with the electromagnet and also launch explode card houses and launch rockets.


There are many fun challenging missions for you to try out. These include blowing a candle, lading n truck-ins, protect your robots and more. The basic idea is to keep your copter from crashing and get the maximum scores. Test your maneuvering skills with this app to see where you stand in the big picture. Toggling by extending the third person is allowed too. The RC controls have been simulated quite well, adding a realistic feel to all of it.

The RC versus RC Copter Battles present in versions 1 and 2 has been left out in this one. These features make the game fun and enjoyable. The physics behind the game has been redefined and improved. New garden areas and swimming pool compounds have been added to the game. There are additional on-screen controls and viewer perspectives. All of this makes the gameplay interesting.

In the beginning, there are a few tests to make sure that you are comfortable with the controls of the game. With that in place, you are all set to play. You can choose between the dual direction pads, gyro controls and default RC controls. Each is unique in its own way. The variety of missions requires speed and accuracy along with some wit.

Good: Excellent graphics

Bad: Removal of RC vs RC copter battles