HardSkills help patent holders, experts, and innovators connect with exciting opportunities and possibilities by leveraging design and data. The primary responsibility is to connect innovators, patent holders, and experts with opportunities and possibilities so they can work on their dream projects. HardSkills takes a data-driven design approach and believes in experimenting with new tools, methodologies, and techniques.

Effective Recruiter Search – Smart Filters Provide an Intuitive User Experience

Convert client keywords into patent information

Simply enter the skill, competence, or keyword provided by your client, and HardSkills will display all relevant patents and patent holders.

Data presented in its entirety

You can instantly get an intuitive overview of potential candidates with relevant and understandable patent data.

Use smart filters to narrow your search.

Filters can be wholly used to narrow down your search. Filter by location, patent term, classification category, and other criteria.

Make a list of suitable candidates.

Find candidates with proven expertise who meet your needs. Shortlist and easily export lists in the format of your choice.

Make contact with patent holders


Their algorithms will attempt to identify the patent holders’ contact information to expedite the recruitment process.

Worldwide coverage

Make use of the best talent from around the world. They feature inventors and innovators from around the world. Find, attract, and hire candidates with the desired skills from all over the world.

Hardskills Finds the Most Qualified Candidates For Any Technical Position

Use the scientific recruitment services of HardSkills to find your next technician, engineer, or R&D expert.

  • Discover hidden talent – individuals who are not active on social or professional sites.
  • Make use of scientific recruitment experts.
  • Search a database of 79,000,000 patents and 28,000,000 patent holders for candidates.

5 Easy Steps For Finding Qualified Candidates For Your R&D Or Engineering Position – How Does It Work?

Discuss the brief and establish the scope

  • They go over your or your client’s brief with you. They determine which competencies and skills are most important for the role and job at hand.

Make a list of potential candidates.

  • They supply you with a list of all candidates with contact information.

HardSkills conduct the search.

  • HardSkills searches our proprietary patent database for qualified candidates with the necessary competencies, experience, and skills.

Contact potential candidates

  • You or Hardskills can contact candidates using our pre-made templates for engaging passive candidates. The normal recruitment process then takes over.


  • Finally, recruit

Final Words

HardSkills recruiting experts can do it cheaper and faster than scientific job recruitment agencies, scientific staffing agencies, specialist science recruiters, or technology recruiters.

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