About HappyRabbitShow
HappyRabbitShow is an independent game connections studio that is based in the Us and Europe. The studio has not been launched yet but has been connecting games production over a period of time. It has won several awards since including: Game Collection American Award in March 2016, voted the first place in The Korean game Collection Award which took place in 2015, was a nominee in the G-Star Bic Showcase selection, a nominee in Tokyo Game Show Indie Game Selection and Bic Fest Selection. HappyRabbitShow is known for creating games for the global market and connecting the to mobile devices for ease iof use. Each game from HappyRabbitShow is addictive and can be enjoyed by all categories of people including adults and kids.

Happy & Smile
HappyRabbitShow recently announced that the releasing of another new app game Happy and Smile which is expected to be as addicting as Fruit Ninja and other games in this category. The app is called Happy & Smile which is expected to be released anytime this year. The game is said to be a bit daunting to start but it gets easier as the user gets accustomed to it. It is one of a kind game designed to use both strategy and stylish arcade for the satisfaction of the player.

Happy & Smile: City & Fighting App Review
City of Fighting is a new rogue like mobile version app game made by HappyRabbitShow but has not yet been launched. It is exclusive for mobile gadgets and can be played just by sliding and touching the screen of the mobile device. It is a cartoon style game similar to Beat ’em up game. The game basically entails a card action where the player collects different cards to build up a character and be able to fight an enemy. The player can then proceed to the next arcade, just like in Double Dragon game. The game has so far been rated as the first of the weekly User’s choice and also been listed as the first place in the Daily feature.

Mastering The Game
The player’s character roams in an arcade and is supposed to attack rogues and win withing a specified period of time. After moving on up to the last level, the character finally meets the boss in the last level and if the boss is defeated, the player wins the game. Within the game, the player can make use of the card system to summon plays and items which come in handy when attacking the enemy, just as it is in Clash Royale game. Collection of different cards results in a composition of a card deck where each card represents team mates, weapons and vehicles. Strategy is vital when it comes to winning the game, therefore the player is required to be keen on every possible option available in the card deck. The characters (referred to as heroes in the game) are upgraded by moving on to different levels. Each hero has their own skill which is show when time comes to fight off an enemy.