If you love to play online card games then there is some good news that is really going to make you happy. With the new and spectacular iphone app Grand Gin Rummy you will get a chance enjoy the roaring and adventurous life of the 1920”s. This particular card game gives you the opportunity to play a whole range of game modes. It further enables you to win daily bonuses filling you with exciting experiences that are both snazzy as well as jazzy. This card game is both exciting as well as well crafted and includes spectacular graphics and stellar gameplay.

About the game

If you are fond of playing card games than the Grand Gin Rummy is definitely going to be your favourite game. The exciting experience that you will derive from playing this card game is going to make you extremely thrilled. You will love the crisp and smooth animations, the snappy music and the refines navigation of this card game which will take you back in time to the hotel atmosphere of the roaring and exotic 1920’s.

Features of this game

· This particular gaming app has four game modes which are the Classic mode, the Quick mode, the Practice mode and the Oklahoma mode.

· You can choose from any of these four modes and play as per your wish and convenience.

· All these four game modes help in honing your skills and provide maximum thrill and excitement

· There are in-app purchases of the different chips and energy

· This app includes an interactive tutorial that is extremely helpful for winning games

· Grand Gin Rummy enables you to connect with Facebook for a more personalised experience.

· This card game app gives you the opportunity to send as well as receive gifts from your friends.

· It requires iOS 7.0 or later version to install and work


· With navigation and control this card game app is easy to grasp

· It can be downloaded for free from the app stores and can be installed instantly

· It has smooth and crisp animation which makes it highly glamorous game to enjoy

· Grand Gin Rummy is universally compatible with android devices as well as iphone and ipad


Sometimes while playing you might feel the app BEING a bit slow and it can hang up at times. But this issue is resolved with its updated version.

Playing the game 

This card game app has a comprehensive and interactive tutorial that makes it easy for new and first-time players to understand the fundamentals of this game. Both the aspects of control and navigation of this card game app is truly easy to grasp. As the primary function of this card game is to tap cards on the screen it is not at bit complex. The animations of this card game are both crisp and smooth and the navigation is so refined that you are bound to fall in love with the main screen. This card game app which includes game plays which are full of fun, has music that sounds snappy and includes crisp and smooth animation helps to provide with an exciting overall experience.

Now that you have a detailed idea about this card game app what are you waiting for? Hurry and download this card game app for free from the stores into your particular device and get to experience something that is totally out of this world.

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