Nice things mostly come in very small packages and this similar kind of expectations customers have got from the very recent gadget of Google named as a Chromecast. This highly expensive media streaming adapter can transform any television into highly content-filled destination thereby making it a device which will compete with the Roku, Apple TV or any other similar devices available in the market. Somehow, the Chromecast manages to stay in between both being underdeveloped and impressive.

After Careful observation, a user will come to conclusion that Chromecast is not a combination of many things and it appears only as a receiver for HDMI TV. Most of the technology expert project that year 2014 will be the time when Google will push this device aggressively with some highly advanced features. So, purchasing a Chromecast even at present time is definitely a good investment. This device performs all the simple tasks in perfect way and it is based on territory specific services and apps.

The Chromecast will be perfectly used in the home markets, the United Kingdom and the United States. The key objective of Chromecast is to cast HD content relies mainly on special subscription services which are especially available in specific territories.

Chromecast has an amazing ability to optimize the specific video into highest quality. You will be surprised to see how flawless the video playback is on 2mbps internet connection. Chromecast is also well capable in mirroring different tabs in Chrome browser of Google which is mainly listed as Beta feature. However, this feature may give you a bit of frustration, as challenging webpages tests the real ability of Chromecast to both track and mirror movement across the breadth or length of the page. The tab-mirroring services are definitely a welcome addition and they must be handy post-beta.

Using YouTube to show the abilities of Chromecast is definitely impressive. From your Smartphone, you can easily select any specific video for playback, navigate through YouTube and cast the Chromecast.

In spite of the high efforts of Samsung, LG, Sony and Panasonic, most of the times home televisions fail to meet the expectations of customers. There are several television manufacturers offering HDMI ports and new Chromecast of Google provides nice alternative to enhance the functionality of TVs by offering users an easy access to web-based content. The Chromecast connected to Television means one can easily stream videos from Netflix, Google Play or YouTube application. Apart from this, a user can also mirror the content in Chrome browser with the help of tab casting feature.


As Chromecast is one of the important inventions of Google, the close relationship of company with developers and content providers will help it to add similar kind of technology in many upcoming apps. Considering the conventional target market and tempting price of Chromecast, one can project that this device possesses some amazing capabilities to excel over its two close rivals, Apple TV and Roku. The Chromecast is highly recommended to users who have been looking for highly unobtrusive and simple way to put some effective technology into their TV.