Are you an artist who has been looking for a platform to book shows to establish your talent? Are you in search of a platform that is free from all the annoying ads, social media shares and algorithms that take you nowhere? If yes, then this could be the only solution. The app GigMePro helps creatives to connect with peers of similar genre.

What is GigMePro about? 

After going through so many apps, we came across this unique app as it is the best one for artists and creatives who are looking for new ways to embrace entertainment. GigMePro is an app that connects both consumers and creatives. It cuts out the middle man and extra charges that may come when you want to book a program with your favourite creative or celebrity in town. 

Working of the app: 

GigMePro works as a platform that bridges the gap between creatives and consumers. The app gives the options to join as a creative or as a consumer. When you join as a consumer you get to view the profiles of various creatives and book them for a program. It gives you the freedom to choose from the plethora of options based on the ratings. 

If you are creative, the possibilities with GigMePro are many. The app allows you to showcase what you have accomplished so far. It lets you upload your photos and videos, gather likes and get yourself reviewed and rated by your admirers. 

Special Features of GigMePro:

The app works well and it gives you a very smooth experience when you use it. It has many different features that make you podcast all that you have accomplished so far. Creatives can put up their photos and videos, add privacy settings to their posts and do a lot more. GigMePro gives the creatives the freedom to book along with their friends. They can also decide upon their booking schedule and get going without any intermediate charges. The app has filtering options that make the search process easier. You can filter based on the city, state, roles and gender.


GigMePro is completely free of cost and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It requires iOS 11.0 or later versions and Android 5.0 or above versions. Available in English, the app is suitable for all those above 4 years of age.

Download the app today and connect with creatives in just a few seconds. 

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