Have you ever used a Gift card? What will you do when you want to give a gift to someone? Usually, people purchase gifts and then gift wrap them to present someone. But, this is an old approach to gifting which is in tradition for so many decades. However, the old age believes in giving money to their nears and dears in an envelope as a gift. I also believe in giving money to my friends and relatives so that they can buy anything, but, It will look really embarrassing for them to receive. So, I discovered sending gifts to people using Gift Cards or Gift vouchers which is an indirect way of sending gifts. It’s a prepaid stored-value money card, issued by the retailer or bank and can be used in a particular store or any other businesses, etc. It’s good that the person who received the Gift Card is using it and purchased anything of their choice. But, sometimes it’s being wasted and remains unused for some reasons. So it’s better to use some other alternative to gifting.

GiftYa is an app which allows you to send personalized e-gifts which is far better than the Gift Cards. GiftYa has been developed by GiftYa, LLC, under the “shopping” category. It requires iOS 10.0 on any later versions of the operating system on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Using GiftYa app, you can send a gift for virtually any merchant in the U.S. from top national brands, to local restaurants, online shops, hotels, personal services, and many more. GiftYa is a straightforward app which is very easy to use. You need to select the amount of the gift, choose a recipient, select a payment method, add a message, select a pre-designed wrapper, and place the order. Besides this, you have also the options to add a photo or upload a video using your own pictures and add a personal message. Finally, your GiftYa is being delivered to your recipient’s phone within seconds, you can choose a specific delivery date too. In the same way, if someone sends you a gift via GiftYa, it’s very simple to receive it. You need to link the GiftYa you received with your credit or debit card in seconds, make a purchase at the merchant you were given and your account is credited the amount you spend until the GiftYa is used in full.

Overall, GiftYa is an amazing, innovative solution that is sending gifts in a unique way. It can’t be lost or stolen and doesn’t lose value as well. It gives you a thoughtful gifting experience. At times, you will feel it’s complicated in comparison to the Gift Cards but it’s much more convenient than the other usual methods because all the merchants are there in one single app. You can buy and send the gifts instantly without searching for their official website or resellers to buy their gift cards.

The app is available on the iTunes Store. Get it now!

Pros: send e-gifts; all merchants in one app; a convenient way to send gifts; free to use.

Cons: none.

Worth Having app – Download the App