G’Five has recently launched five Android Smart phones that come into budget android category. However, out of the five, one phone stands out completely. It is the G95, a 5.3 inch screen phone that is priced under 10k and the company aims to pitch it against the Note. Will it be able to compete? First let us take a look at the specs:

Pros: Keeping in mind that it is a budget phone, G’Five has done a marvelous job in the name of this phone. The 5.3 inch screen is pretty amazing and the camera with an 8 MP capacity is surprising. Moreover, the presence of a front camera also makes this phone a lovely piece of technology if you are on a budget. The biggest USP of this phone is the OS that it supports. The phone comes with the latest Android 4.0 so it also keeps you ahead of many other brands and their budget handsets. The build quality of the phone is also very good considering the price of the phone and it will definitely be an eye candy for others once you hold it in your hand or take it out of your pocket.

Cons: The biggest disadvantage this phone has is the name of the manufacturer. You might think twice before buying a phone from G’Five. Another disadvantage is OS itself. Although it will keep you ahead of many around you but it takes a toll on the battery as well as the performance of the phone. The sound quality and the quality of the camera can also disappoint some who will buy it for these specs only.

G’Five has taken a bold step to bring out a phone that tries to tap the market of the Galaxy Note  sadly, the outcome won’t be in the favor of the company.