One best app when it comes to unbiased news is definitely, Newsvoice. The app is brought to you by that aims on offering unbiased news by fixing the news that is broken. It is a new way to read news as it scans content from thousands of websites and delivers it to you.

This News and Magazines app gives you the Unbiased & Real News Feed of the USA & the World. Newsvoice is one app that constantly fights fake news and media bias and works hard to deliver only what is right and what is actually happening out there. It fetches news from many independent and international sources. It also gives you the domains that are related to the news you read and also marks the bias level of that particular source. By this, you will have an understanding of how much you can trust the news and also the corporate influence behind the cooked up stories.

All the readers who sign in can contribute to the app by adding, editing or sharing the insights about the news via comments. If you feel like getting involved more, you can also become a volunteer and aim to fix the news and improve the world. You can contribute by writing short summaries, news stories, help with social media promotions and outreach and also check for facts in the news. The team are always open to your suggestions and ideas for improvements as well. You can get in touch with them through Email, Twitter and Facebook.

Features of Newsvoice:

  • You can read news and updates from major media sources: Vox, Fox news, BBC news, NPR and the like.
  • The menu for the news in the app is completed categorised and sorted on the various topics like US politics, USA news, World news, Business, Tech and Crypto news.
  • All the important articles can be marked with an upvote, to help others readers notice it.
  • Newsvoice as you sign in with phone number or Google account allows you save articles for later reading, to comment, edit and also share them with others.
  • An exclusive search button to help you search the news you want to know about.
  • A simple, fast and intuitive interface of the app where the news is cleared ordered in a list view.
  • You can write unbiased summaries and gather insights of other readers’ to know the exact news.
  • The listen icon facilitates for you to listen to the news anytime, anywhere you prefer with your tailored news mix.
  • The app is completely free for download on all iOS and Android devices.

Individuals can opt to back Newsvoice by choosing a Basic, Premium or Super backing plan so that they can help this app stay ad free and independent.

With the combination of technology and community, Newsvoice is one top-rated and custom news feed that is completed unbiased and real.

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