Mouse is one of the essential peripherals without which you cannot think of using a computer system efficiently. Except the Mac users whose notebooks can be used devoid of the mouse, all Windows users essential require the mouse for switching between browsers and pages. A computer without a mouse is like serving the breakfast without a cup of coffee. However, travelling with a wired mouse involves hassle. After all who doesn’t want to travel with hassle-free accessories?

Genius has recently unveiled a new mouse that frees you from the hazard of wires. The Genius Traveler 9010LS Wireless Laser Mouse is specially designed for the southpaws and right handed folks. No awkward feeling…..Just use it like a normal mouse.

What are the special features of this Traveler 9010LS mouse?

Hazard-free Portability – This four-button Genius mouse is easily portable – you can carry it wherever you like with your ultrabook or notebook. For the ease of portability, this laser mouse is provided with a Stick-N-Go mount on your ultrabook or notebook. Whenever you want to move, you have to just slide this laser Genius mouse on the mount for trouble-free and secure storage. Again, when you need to use it, slide this traveler mouse off its mount.

Smooth Functioning – Another facility of this wireless mouse is it works on any surface, even on marble and glass. The DarkEye technology makes this functioning of the laser wireless mouse possible.

Easy Transmission – The USB Pico receiver with 2.4GHz easily communicates with the mouse from 15 meters. You can also adjust the dpi sensitivity to diverse level – 1600/1200/800 according to the demand of the situation. Adjust the precision and speed of this mouse according to your choice.

Battery Life – What is more interesting about this mouse is it works on AAA or AA battery support. The on/off button at the underside of this mouse helps you to extend its battery life.

Comfortable Grip – This latest Traveler device features a double injection grip which gives you additional comfort to your palms when you hold the mouse. Hence, no pain in holding a mouse… Enjoy the comfort of using a super mini mouse.

Suitable for Two Handed Use – The contour shape of this Genius Traveler mouse makes it suitable for using in both hands. So, whether you are a lefty or a right-handed user, you can reap the same facility in using this mouse.

Unbreakable Covering – By storing the super mini receiver into the laser mouse, you can prevent breakage of this device. You can also leave this wireless mouse in USB port and just forget about the mouse.

This mouse is a wonderful choice for those who are looking for a small sized portable mouse. Just go and grab it!

Author’s Bio: Michael Spelman, the keyboard and mouse support professional, can furnish you with the required knowledge on different apps. Give him a call.