This survival team building game is the best of its kind available today. All who participate experience a quest for survival as members of the Akeakami tribe. Work as a team to find the necessary life crystals on a fictional island. Created to help team members develop skills in communication, commitment, and motivation.

Akeakami is a multiplayer online game designed to uncover team potential. Problem solving skills will be essential to success in this simulation. Emphasis on team building strategies demonstrates that individuals often perform better when united with others on likeminded goals.

Cooperation and developing efficient systems to create working solutions makes for an interesting theoretical exercise. Game simulation could lead to innovative ideas about many practical applications in real life business scenarios. Also leads to individual team members having accountability for their own tasks with a larger group framework.

Understanding how to best work in a creative field requires constant skill building and training. Learning through play can be both fun and educational. Old methods of training which were widely considered dull and ineffective are being gradually replaced by game based learning.

Computer games have already changed the world. They will continue to do so in even more amazing ways as technology improves. Games are more engaging than mere presentations and data. Game players are able to become immersed into a reality where they can use a few specific rules without real world consequences. Since there are no real world consequences, game players are free to play many times until they earn more confidence in their skills. The intention of Akeakami is to create a helpful transition between simulated skill development and real life business application.

It is vital to understand just how much traditional training methods are poor in comparison to game based learning for large numbers of people and teams. Theoretical learning is mostly a matter of memory and repetition. Game based training is interactive. Experiential learning is much more likely to be retained in the long-term than long lists of factual information. Akeakami is a unique experience that is unlikely to be forgotten by any who embrace the benefits it offers.

Akeakami is a much more cost effective training tool than most traditional training methods. Game based learning can take place at almost any time and almost any location. The convenience of being able to train at any convenient time is a benefit that should not be taken lightly.

There is more obvious immediate feedback with game based training than with traditional trainings. Akeakami can be programmed to only allow trainees to advance in tasks gradually if they prove to have the necessary skills to do so. Traditional trainings offer little evidence of immediate real world application. It is ultimately more useful, cost-efficient, and interesting to engage with Akeakami than resort to outdated training methods for your team, organization, or business.

This is a fantastic opportunity for a diverse range of professional groups to work on their team building and individual skills. Recommended for Software Developers, Executive Directors, Sales Teams, and Product Managers.

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