Gated is a straightforward tool that integrates with your Gmail or G-Suite platform to keep spam and unwanted emails at bay. Gated is similar, but it was designed to be more practical in addressing multiple touch points simultaneously.

Gated prevents unwanted emails from being sent by acting as a middleman between the email sender and the potential email receiver. Allowing Gated to integrate with your Gmail account is required to set up the service. It is a one-time configuration that creates a low-priority folder in users’ inboxes. Meanwhile, Gated examines email patterns to identify regular contacts, ensuring they are not filtered in the next round of unsolicited emails.

What Matters Most Is That Gated Has a Low Cost

Email senders face a marginal “cost.” The payments support three things at the same time:

  • Email recipients who want to concentrate solely on critical communication!
  • Senders who are not bots and are willing to donate to charity for the greater good
  • Eventually, some non-profits with hundreds of unique cases deserve our love and support.

What Are Gated’s Future Prospects?

Given Gated’s desire for rapid expansion, Mowat is said to be eager to collaborate with Microsoft and other companies on integration. If the move is approved, it will open the door to many opportunities that will benefit email users on both ends.

Gated also intends to establish a working B2B relationship in which marketers collaborate with the Gated company to create a budget for allowing sales teams to send a certain number of emails each month.

Overall, there is good news if you are curious about the Email Sent to Email Opened ratio. So, according to recent Gated surveys, 60% of email senders are willing to pay a small fee to ensure that their emails arrive in the inboxes of their recipients.

These email senders either have a fantastic idea, something essential to share, or a genuine desire to collaborate. Simultaneously, 40% of donated emails are more likely to be read because they are prioritized for delivery to recipients’ inboxes.

Final Words

Professionals from various industries use Gated to stay organized, declutter their inboxes, and secure their email management processes. Its feature set and integration with Gmail make it a well-rounded tool for this year.

Web App: Gated