The Viewfinder technology in digital cameras has already swept most of the professional photographers and general users off their feet with its amazing propensity of taking some unbelievable shots. One of the pioneering supporters of this technology within their own digital cameras, Fujifilm has packed this feature along with all the conventional photo capturing options into its latest presentation Fujifilm X100 Hybrid Viewfinder.


The Fujifilm X100 Hybrid Viewfinder is an amazing piece of technical wonder in the world of digital imagery that amalgamates the orthodox electronic viewfinder system with the recently introduced contemporary-style optical viewfinder technology, which was used in the high-end movies cameras so far to obtain a crisp, clear and perfect view of the object to be captured. This facility, when combined with some of the most sought after features of state-of-the-art electronic display cameras such as image balance, complexion settings, exposure adjustment, aperture settings and shutter speed etc., help Fujifilm X100 Hybrid Viewfinder bring the best of both worlds to the professional and general photographers.

Ease of use:

To the utter delight of an averagely skilled photographer, in the midst of all the typical shooting features, Fujifilm X100 Hybrid Viewfinder empowers them to switch back and forth between the options of electronic as well as optical viewfinder shooting mode to fit their image capturing needs to perfection with a simple ‘one-touch’ control.

You can also take a quick glance at the recently captured snap with the added facility of instant thumbnail view within the camera just as you could preview the snapshot area that is to be captured through the high-quality LCD present on the camera.


The retro-style Fujifilm X100 Hybrid Viewfinder is currently available at a price of $1099 only.