How would you feel if you can visualize and listen to an individual who is not there with you? How would you feel if you can operate several things on your phone with your voice command? Doesn’t life become easy with such convenience? It really dose and you just require installing a simple application from the play store. The app in question is Friend in Palm (FIP Assistant) developed by IndoIrish Softsol Pvt Ltd. This is an app that makes your virtual world a wide space to live and using this app, you can do more than just sending mails and texts.

There are several features of the app that would actually bring friends on your palm. The app is a personal assistant to you who would send mail for you, do Facebook update, call someone when you are driving, search things on website and do all such things that you want, your assistant to do. There is a voice response system that can work with different accents. The photo you use for your personal assistant can mimic your emotion and that would make you feel great. The app is loaded with features that are brilliant and completely virtualizes your android phone. That is the reason why the price of the app is a bit high but with loads of features, it is worth buying it from the play store.


  • FIP is a virtualization app that literally transforms your personality. You can use this app to do multitasking without using your hand.
  • The app operates on voice command and can send message, mails, update social profile, search stuffs, calculate things  and do all such things.
  • In this app, you will not only have a voice talking to you, but you will also have a figure in front which can be your own, or someone you know. It can also be a celebrity figure which will mimic the emotions.
  • Your android phone becomes a virtual device with this app and you can also use the GPS connectivity while using the app.
  • The app can fulfill the requirement of your loved ones even when they are away from you. Just upload the picture and the app will make the picture talk to you.
  • The app can let you know about news, weather and more and work as your encyclopedia.
  • The app is a great time pass with a funny figure answering your question in a funnier manner.
  • The app carries a lot of intelligence and that is reflected in the way it emotes in reply to your question or emotions.
  • The app is a true friend who will help you in the rush hours and even when you are alone.
  • The version 1.0 of the app requires android 2.2 or up and takes only 3.5 M space on your device.

Summary: Friend in Palm is an app that accompanies you at every point of time. It is your virtual friend who will entertain you whenever require and assist you in your mobile related tasks.

Good: The app makes the virtual world compact on your palm and it is a true companion that would never leave you alone.

Bad: There is no negative review about this app.

Worth Using Application  –  Download the application