iOS developers, keep surprising their customers by devising new and exciting iPhone and iPad applications. The most recently released one is Flyreel version 1.1. This is a social app developed exclusively for sharing and posting videos. Users are given the option to choose the videos that can be categorized for private or public viewing. This app comes with features compatible to all iOS with iOS 8.0 and above versions. It has been optimized for iPad and iPhone with good performance and video capture. This is found to be one of the best apps for sharing videos and getting private responses.

Features of the app:

The app allows users to pool in their videos together into reels and has the option of reeling additional videos to the same reel. These videos can be shared privately or to all the friends. They can even respond to the videos on the spot. The other notable feature is that these videos that are taken can be shared to other social networking sites too. The app itself occupies just 22.8 MB and the videos or the reels do not take up the device memory. Face-face videos can be recorded for the duration of about a minute. The reels can be managed by the users and also allows the owners to create content, use hashtags and browse new categories. The app also has the facility to search for connected reels with similar hashtags. Other normal features like zooming options and recording options are also included. This works fine on 4G, Wi-Fi and LTE.


Important instructions to use the app:

This is an exclusive social networking site and allows the sharing and uploading of videos only. The app only allows the users above the age of 17years eligible to download and use the feature. The contents may vary from mild to mature information, so the age restriction is very specific and which is a very good feature of this social site. If the user is not open to the public world, they can restrict their video uploads to their private friends and get constant comments only from those selected people.


Pros of the app:

  • Single sharing or group video sharing.
  • Very useful to share family moments if the distance is a problem.
  • Private and public forum are separate to keep the content and videos safe.
  • Good source of live entertainment.
  • Fine reel quality, content and tailing of all those videos that are taken.
  • Less device space necessary for storing videos.
  • Sharing outside Flyreel also made possible.


  • Interaction outside and inside the social media and managing them properly might be a little problematic.
  • Though age restriction for the app is specified still the contents may be of concern for some users.

Final verdict:

The new Flyreel iOS app has some very good features and has made sharing of videos very easy and hassle free. Since this is only for videos, uploading and sharing is very simple and the reel video makes the group sharing fun and personal. For all iOS users, this app is recommended and is sure to become a hit amongst other social networking sites.

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