Flyp is amazing it is a versatile phone call and texting app. The app gives you a new phone number that can be used separate from your actual phone number. This is great for having a business number and a personal number. The benefits of this app are amazing it allows me to use the same phone and serves but have numbers for all my needs one for school related phone calls, one for business related calls like interviews and consultations, and of course allowing my personal number to stay safe and uncluttered with messages and calls.

The app allows you to pick you phone number’s area code so that your important messages will still be formal and look legit but you wont have to pay for another phone and serves on that phone. Texting is as simple as ever you open the app select conversation and tap start new conversation this opens a standard looking interface for sending and receiving texts. If a conversation has already been started you can access it at any time under the conversations tab to review old messages and send new ones.

There is also a tab for a keypad which you can dial any number to call. If you want to call someone in your contacts there is a nice contact tab that displays all the names of people you have stored in your phones contacts, this allows you to select people you wish to call or text. Once you select someones name two options will come up one to send a text and one to make a call. Calls are very clear and never drop, also texts send very fast and appear on the receivers phone immediately.

Another plus to this wonderful app is that calls and texts can be sent over wifi if you can’t get serves making this a useful app in more that one way. Having used this app and all its features I have only good things to say about it and would highly recommend this to anyone that needs a secondary number or more or for people that no longer have serves on their phones but still need to contact people. When this app is compared to others that provide similar serves this app is far above them, some competitors charge per text or only give you very limited numbers of text and calling minutes were this app allows for free texting and calling with a small fee for numbers you use. In short this app will save you money on texting and phone calls as well as proving a much better serves then its competitors.

Flyp provides a simple and cost effective way to have multiple numbers for texting and making phone calls as well as allowing you to protect your personal number from clutter. Overall this app is amazing the quality of its serves and the versatility of the app provides a wonderful experience an I would highly recommend it to all iPhone users.

Worth Having App – Download the App