FLYING WITCH MANIA is the newly launched one touch arcade game developed by Raul Cruz released on 7th December on the App store. The is very addictive and has acclaimed positive response from users and critics. The game has a user-friendly interface, which makes the gameplay very enjoyable for the player. Being a player, you have to help the witch fly across the flames to collect the bones that will record your personal best score. Be attentive while playing to record high score and keep on moving to higher levels. The game has got quality graphics that is worth playing.

The game speed is very finely tuned that makes the game easy to play. The game will never lag or stuck during your run through the deadly flames thus helping you to achieve a high score and go further up in levels. The player has to jump carefully through the different obstacles while on the run and have to collect maximum Bones to proceed to the next level. A player can resume the game with 8 different characters and styles that will help him or her to gain higher points. The game also offers a multiplayer option where you can invite and compete with your friend. The game is full of adventurous experience that will keep you engaged for a while.

Currently, Flying witch mania is running seamlessly on IOS devices such iPhone and iPad. The app runs very smoothly in these devices that will offer you quality graphics and display. The game has different equipment and gadgets which a player can use where it is required.

Invite the player to compete

A player can invite as many players to compete in the game. The player who wins the particular set of the play with the highest score tops the leaderboard. The game also offers the online platform where you can compete with the players all across the globe and showcase your abilities. Thus this game is a complete package that will improve your gaming skills.

Select between different characters

A player can compete with eight unique characters that have different abilities and styles giving you a quality gaming experience. A player can never stay behind when you are supported by unique abilities through various avatars always aiming to top the leaderboard.

Higher and challenging levels

The creators of the app have made sure that a player always gets indulged in the game with different challenging levels. As a player, you simply have to run through the flames and obstacles on your way and keep collecting the bones. Collecting the bones enables you to proceed further in the game with more challenging levels. Compete through challenging levels and come at the top in the leaderboard. Overall, earning points helps the player entering to next level.

1. Very addictive to play 2. Standard quality graphics 3. Fun while playing through challenging levels.4. Invite friends to compete 5. Play along with unique characters.

1. You can face minor bug problems while using the app2. You can experience mild horror notes

Final verdict

Flying witch mania is a highly addictive game designed particularly for the players who wants quality gaming experience over their iPhones and iPads. It is worth installing the app on your phone to get free unlimited fun. Unique features of this game offer the player thrilling and amazing experience making the app worth for any gamer.

Flying witch mania is free to download on App Store for free. Enjoy the Game.

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