In 2013, many will pledge some of the ordinary resolutions like exercise more, eat healthier and do wiser spending. Smartphones, apps and tablets are very useful to stick to these resolutions because phone is the first thing which you grab during midnight. In order to become a wise tech user, you can opt for some resolutions as follow –

  • Respond to emails: Many of you must be facing issues related with email ignorance. In 2013, you can think of cleaning your inbox by unsubscribing to useless newsletters so that you can focus on important mails. Most of the people also waste their crucial time forwarding chain mails or reading those. This can be avoided in 2013 to keep your mailbox completely professional and well organized.
  • Spend time on Social Media More Wisely: Another resolution to implement this year is to clearing the mess around your Twitter, Facebook and other social accounts. Though social media is a key to remain updated but you have to be smarter and think about how much productive time you spend these social platforms. It doesn’t mean you should give up enjoying fun on internet. But you must communicate with people in systematic way while identifying the people to whom you can talk personally rather than through messenger.
  • Become a Proficient Mobile Typist: Most of the people are terrible typist on keyboards and they are pathetic on touch screen devices. People who get irritated while sending message through touch screen devices, Mark Zuckerberg is a real motivation for them. As he wrote his company’s investor letter of more than 2000 words on iPhone. So, a significant practice will surely make you proficient over your touch screen phone and this can be one of the most efficient resolutions of year 2013.
  • Making Digital Copies of Photos: Everyone of you must have an album collection with Polaroid images and old photos from past years. Those were unforgettable moments and unique parts of your personal life. In present time, one can purchase digital scanner, printer and copier in $75. Give some time to create copies of these memories to make them eternal. It may take some time but considering the value of those photos, the time and money invested is worth it.
  • Take Regular Backup of your Data: Usually, the thought and over confidence of ‘it will not happen to me’ keeps you away from taking necessary precautions. Backing up of vital documents and storing it in safe system is extremely important. USB memory sticks or hard discs will provide you facility to store your data. These discs are small, portable and come with guarantee.In addition to a storage device , you’ll need a backup software. Digital copies that should be recorded are tax returns copy, wills, driving license, power of attorney documents, birth certificates, social security cards, rental/mortgage documents, pan card and some other important documents.

It is often observed that resolutions made at the beginning of year have a terrible track record of breakdown. Research says that a thing should be practiced at least 10 times to convert it into a habit. So consider these five resolutions and make them habit to make your 2013 year well organized and successful.