With the launch of Apple iPhone 5, rumors have started to circulate for the new model that Apple will introduce this year or the next. The conspiracy whether iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 will be introduced still remains there. However, many experts have said that the new iPhone will have fingerprint technology. This technology will be helpful in providing extra security to the users. Such technology will enhance and improve the iPhone use. It will also decrease the need for user names and passwords in different applications.

Apple and AuthenTec

The major reason for such technology in iPhone was felt due to security issues. It will provide the users with safest ever technology. To gain such technology, Apple invested millions of dollars in order to acquire it. This technology is not a joint venture with any company. Last July, Apple acquired AuthenTec Company after a multimillion-dollar deal. AuthenTec was advertising this technology to Nokia, Samsung, and Motorola. However, Apple took the chance and followed the strategy to become pioneers in this technology. Apple Inc. bought AuthenTec for $365 million. Acquiring any company is not the common practice of Apple. To introduce some highly innovative technology, Apple has taken such step in the past few years. Other few companies that Apple bought were SIRI (voice convert technology), LALA (iTunes Match) etc.

Smart Sensor Technology

AuthenTec offered number of products out of which Apple was most interested in Smart Sensors. The Company launched this product last May. The dimensions of this product are 3*1.3mm. It has ability to encrypt the data. After rigorous testing of the product, Apple bought this technology. The unique feature of this technology is semi-conductor based sensors. The finger print detection is beyond the skin level that ensures the highest level of security. The previous technologies in this domain only use to read the surface of the skin. Those technologies included optical and thermal solutions.

The technology also uses smart sensing. You can adjust different functions for different fingers that you use. For example, you can use your small finger for music, middle finger for directions etc.

Improved Processor for New iPhone

The new iPhone will have latest A7 processor technology. Besides you may see even two different iPhone released this year. It is expected that Apple might introduced low cost iPhone in the market. That would target the developing countries who cannot afford high priced phones. It will be launched simultaneously with the new Apple iPhone 5s or 6.

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